CO2 Meter GasLab Plus CM-501 Handheld Gas Detector
The GasLab Plus CM-501 is a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) handheld gas detector designed to measure carbon dioxide gas concentrations in the many applications and industries. With long-term data storage, the user can measure ambient gas levels by data displayed and gain indication by...
CO2 Meter RAD-0102-6 Remote Storage Safety 3 Alarm
The Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is designed to protect customers and workers near stored carbon dioxide (CO2) CO2 alarms are critical in restaurants, breweries, wineries, beverage dispensing areas, dry ice storage, laboratories, cultivation facilities, or anywhere more than 100 lbs....
CO2 Meter RAD-0502 CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms
The RAD-0502 CO2 Controller and Sensors for Grow Rooms provides a simple and affordable way to adjust and review your CO2 levels when you want to and how you want to for your indoor grow space. With the RAD-0502 you can ensure that your plants never...
CO2 Meter SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector
The SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector is designed to protect employees or workers in areas  where CO2 leaks can occur. The probe allows you to pinpoint leaks from pipe fittings, valves or manifolds. This makes it useful in a variety of applications...
Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger
The SAN-10 Personal 5% CO2 Safety Monitor and Data Logger is designed for employees who work in enclosed areas where carbon dioxide buildup may cause personal harm. This device features exclusive data logging capabilities and the data log files can be downloaded as...
Personal O2 Safety Monitor
The SAN-20 Personal O2 Safety Monitor is designed for employees who work in enclosed areas where oxygen depletion may cause personal harm. This personal safety monitor features a man-down alarm that is triggered when an employee fall occurs. It also includes a...
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